DELLEST is a brand that originated in Milan, Italy in 2007
The direction of the brand is led by a director who gained experience as a pattern designer in renowned Italian luxury brands.
Design inspiration from the streets, people, buildings and culture of Milan. DELLEST interprets and expresses them through unique designs.



DELLEST embraces the style that naturally assimilates vibrant colors, capturing the confidence and passion of Milanese people, particularly the spirit of Italy.
DELLEST creates its own distinct fashion style, showcasing unique color combinations and meticulously crafted pattern designs that make it truly exceptional.



Since its launch, DELLEST has garnered attention from various international fashion magazines, including VOGUE Italia, W, and WWD, gaining recognition and admiration from fashion people.
Currently, the brand operates its flagship store in Milan, promoting DELLEST's collections worldwide.



DELLEST uses Italian leather and embodies the spirit of craftsmanship by personally participating in the entire sample process of their collections.
They handcraft leather products using only their hands and tools, incorporating the sensibility of architectural engineers and the Italian craftsmanship.



Unique patterns and hardware, such as the Babel-stud, Hook locks, and Gotica monogram, are actively integrated into DELLEST's designs, expressing their distinctive identity.
The brand history, along with products made of colors and original monograms, promotes the beauty and craftsmanship of Italy to the world, and captures the unique sensibility of DELLEST.